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Workplace Investigations

Jessica conducts fair and efficient independent workplace investigations that are fulsome but cost-effective. She brings demonstrated objectivity and integrity to her role as an independent investigator.

Jessica has been jointly appointed as a workplace investigator by trade unions and employers in both the public and private sectors.

Workplace investigations can be challenging for the union and the employer to address due to the strong reputational interests at stake. Diligence, discretion and respect are cornerstones that allow Jessica to build lasting trust with representatives of both the union and the employer and effectively interact with the complaint, the respondent and witnesses.

Jessica brings unique insight having acted as counsel for litigious private sector trade unions then balanced her experience by acting as counsel representing more than 200 public sector employers.  As a result of her balanced perspective, trade unions and employers have entrusted her to investigate complex and sensitive workplace situations such as those involving: occupational health and safety (including harassment, sexual harassment and bullying); workplace accommodation and return to work challenges; toxic or poisoned work environment complaints; as well as emotionally-charged discrimination and human rights allegations.

As a jointly appointed investigator who is also a lawyer, arbitrator and mediator, Jessica has a demonstrated ability to work with the parties during or after the investigation to avoid subsequent litigation or minimize litigation costs.

With her proven track record of mutual acceptability by unions and employers, Jessica understands the challenges faced by both parties and is convinced that truly independent investigations can not only lead to healthier workplaces but can also serve as a catalyst for greater productivity, improved communications and joint economic initiatives.