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Employment And Labour Relations Mediation


Mediation is an effective form of Alternate Dispute Resolution.
 In mediation, parties to the dispute have the opportunity to jointly design a resolution 
that corresponds to their unique interests and needs.

Mediation settlements can incorporate settlement terms that would not be available within the traditional adversarial arbitration process. Mediation can decrease the financial cost of dispute resolution and lessen its emotional impact. Therefore, mediation can be particularly helpful and empowering for participants involved in emotionally-charged circumstances such as workplace accommodation, discrimination, 
harassment (particularly sexual harassment) or trauma.

Mediation frequently results in cost savings by enhancing efficiencies in case management. 
Effective mediation reduces subsequent hearing costs by narrowing the issue(s) in dispute and pinpointing the nature and scope of the remaining evidence required, if any.

As a neutral, unbiased and experienced mediator 
Jessica works with parties in a respectful and collaborative manner 
to craft a jointly-acceptable resolution that addresses their respective interests, 
brings finality to the existing dispute, 
and promotes future workplace stability. She has mediated both employment disputes and labour relations disputes.